Thailand Golf Travel Nation Fall 2007

Welcome to the fall edition of the Thailand Golf Travel Nation. As in the past, this newsletter contains original and news breaking stories on the state of golf in Thailand as well as provides useful golf course information, unique golf playing tips for Thailand’s tropical environment, announcements of special golf travel promotions, and the lucky draw giveaway winner.

Red Mountain Phuket This coming Thailand golf season is set to be the best ever! In addition to the new golf courses mentioned in the last issue (Black Mountain in Hua Hin and Red Mountain in Phuket), several other golf courses have recently opened or been elevated to premier status. Namely Ratchakram and Suwan golf clubs in Bangkok and Wangjuntr Golf Resort in Pattaya. All 3 courses have been built or significantly upgraded in the past 2 years, are now of championship quality. They should be considered as top draws for anyone planning to be in either area.

Up north, there is one news worthy event  that will have a substantial impact on the Chiang Mai golf scene. Yet to be announced, but already implemented, the infamous and Thaksin Shinawatra owned Alpine Golf Club in Bangkok has purchased the Chiang Mai Lamphun Golf Club. Early next year the course will be re-branded as the Alpine Chiang Mai Golf Club. Alpine’s management has already moved to Chiang Mai and started course maintenance and operations improvement work. Once Lamphun is brought to the quality of Alpine, Chiang Mai will be a serious golf destination, with 3 premier courses (Highlands, Gassan, and Alpine) topping the list. Stay tuned for the official press announcement which is expected towards the end of the year, but remember you read about it first in the Thailand Golf Nation!

As far as course conditions go, this year’s rainy season appears to be less severe than those seen in the past. The effect is that golf course maintenance is being made easier and this will go along way to insuring near perfect playing conditions during the drier months ahead.Lamphun Chiang Mai

These developments coupled with the growing global buzz about the Thailand golf quality, value, and service continues to fuel growth in the golf travel sector here. While this is good for business, it almost guarantees busy conditions during the best months from November to March. Already I am seeing some of the better resorts around Thailand starting to have limited availability. We still have some room allocations for our clients, but I expect the better hotels to be full for the season in the next month or two. Therefore, I urge anyone considering a Thailand golf holiday for the 2007-2008 winter months to make your plans early. This way you will be assured of good arrangements and if something comes up later on, your plans can always be adjusted accordingly.

One last note, Golfasian has started to offer golf tours to Cambodia and Vietnam on a limited basis. There are several noteworthy golf courses in both countries as well as some interesting cultural and historical sights. If anyone is interested in visiting either of these destinations as part of this years golf trip, please contact me directly. I will send you all the information prior to it being announced as a regular Golfasian tour destination.

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Have a great fall and remember, think positive and YOU WILL SHOOT PAR.

Mark Siegel
Managing Director

Featured Golf Resort - Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket

21 km south of Phuket International Airport and 20 km north of Phuket Town, Sheraton GrandeSheraton Grande Laguna Phuket Laguna Phuket overlooks a 3.2 km stretch of pristine white sandy beach on Bang Tao Bay. In a beautiful beachfront setting on the north-west coast of Phuket Island, the resort faces the warm waters and cool breezes of the Andaman Sea.

Ranked amongst the five best resorts in Asia-Pacific, the hotel is a piece of paradise providing optimum service and luxury. 298 beautifully appointed guest rooms which consist of Garden, Lagoon, Grande, Luxury, Pool Access and Ocean Room with a choice of different views plus 125 Grande Villas, an exclusive world of one, two, three and four bedroom suites, presents guests with the privacy and exclusivity of a boutique-style hotel, while providing the benefits and activities expected of a full-service luxury resort.

Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket is one of five integrated resorts in the Laguna Phuket complex. Complimentary transport throughout Laguna Phuket is via shuttle bus and pontoon boat. Guests may enjoy signing privileges in 30 restaurants and bars at the five resorts, as well as the Laguna Phuket Golf Club.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course located within the Laguna Phuket complex, a nine iron away, with a complimentary shuttle from the resort. The golf course is designed to challenge golfers of all abilities, with lagoons, coconut groves, undulating fairways and an island green.

Dining at Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket is a culinary haven of excellence; a choice of the world’s most tasteful delights. With ten dining and entertainment venues featuring gourmet Thai favorites, Chinese spa cuisine, Italian or other Asian specialties, guests can savor an extensive selection of dishes while enjoying air-conditioned comfort or the tropical breeze al fresco style.

Whether it be Golf, Spa or Recreation, Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket has everything for everyone.

Best of the Blog

10 Thailand Golf Tips For First Time Golf Visitors Thailand Golf Tips

This issues “Best of the Blog” include some great tips for first time Thailand golf visitors. I have posted several do’s and don’t about golfing in Thailand and while probably known by most old hands, they are proving very useful for those on their first Thailand golf trip.

When playing golf in Thailand it's not always necessary to do as the Thais do. Indeed certain Thai customs such as resting on one's haunches for hours at a time, or sleeping atop a motorcycle, might present some physical difficulties to the average Western golf traveler.

If you are planning your first golf tour in Thailand, or even if you have stayed and played golf in the Land of Smiles in the past, read the 10 things for you to avoid doing - and some you should remember always to do.

These Best Thailand Golf Tips  can be found at the Thailand Golf Zone where there are over 250 other original articles dealing exclusively with Thailand golf travel.

I would love to hear about any golf tips that any of you may have developed for getting the maximum enjoyment from golf in Thailand, and can incorporate some in future articles. Therefore if you have any golf tips or suggestions you would like to share, please let me know by dropping me an email.

Special Playing Advice

Finishing Strong (AKA Putting in Thailand!) Thailand putting advice

It seems like everybody has different thoughts on how to begin a hole. One person I recently played with put everything into his tee shot, practically falling over on every time he teed off.
Sometimes I worry about my slice and ease off of my tee shots, counting on my money club, the 5 wood to get me to the green in regulation. However, no matter which option you choose when golfing in Thailand, you will end up with one shot to finish the hole - the lowly, most hated putt.

Why do golfers hate putting? Simply put, the putt is not sexy. No one says "Wow!" when you make that routine two-footer.  However, think about it, what is your enjoyment in Thailand based on, your score right?  Sure, you hit 18 tee shots, but you are probably going to hit at least 30 putts, so why not spend some time working on this part of your game?

Before each round spend time on the practice green, every golf course in Thailand has one. Hit the same 5 foot putt over and over.

Putting, more than any other shot, is all about the set-up.  Since the basic motion of putting is to swing your arms back and forth, the key to improving your putt is to make sure you can swing your arms back and forth in exactly the same motion every time.  It does not matter how long your putt is or whether you are playing the break or not, the important thing is that your swing is as consistent as possible.  Three points are involved to making this possible, and all of them have to do with your set-up.

1. Look at the ball. Sound simple? You should be able to draw a straight line from the ball to your eyes at a 90-degree angle from the ground.

2. Relax your arms and hands so they hang under your shoulders. Locked, straight arms prevent good putting because they reduce the mobility of your arms when it comes time to swing.

3. Make sure your putter follows the line of your forearm.  The putter should be an extension of your forearm, an attachment that makes it like you are hitting the ball with a flat rock at the end of your extremely long arms.

You do not have to enjoy putting. However, you do have to putt, and if you want to score well on your Thailand golf holiday, you need to putt well.  The next round you play in Thailand, ask your agent or driver to get you to the golf course 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled tee time and head straight to the practice green. Your overall game will improve and when sipping on a cold Singha after your round you will be able to talk about that 8 footer you made on the last hole to save par!

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